Seneca Wind Music
... when I heard  Lou singing "I'll Be Home for Christmas" and "Silent Night"  I wept;.  It was like he was right here with me ..
          -Jack Flannigan          Rouseville, PA

... to have this CD and be able to listen since she's gone, to have her voice recorded  this clear ... to hear her telling about her Mom and Dad and growing up and her neighbor and work friends ... then her singing ""Happy Birthday" by name to  each one of the Grand Kids  ...  it really is priceless ...
          - Carl Rush          Columbus, OH


  MUsical services 

  est  1983

ALL- AGES Private and Group Lessons

          for the Pure Enjoyment of Music

Students in Pro Careers and with

          Scholastic Music Awards

Loved One Recordings  ...  Matchless,

   Studio Perfected, Gift Packaged

Published Country Songs

Published Sacred Music

Tried and True School Music Materials 


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